Our Healthcare Consulting

AHEAD Healthcare Consulting, Inc., provides assistance to improve patent care and revenue enhancement through the entire perioperative process.  Perioperative services of an institution should be the economic engine that drives profitability and enhances other services. During my dedicated service to medicine, I have seen how our healthcare system has changed and how it is evolving.  I have worked for many years providing quality patient care with limited resources and creating new avenues of growth. Leadership, personal experience, excellent education and a personal understanding of the issues provide the foundation for understanding how our healthcare system works today and how we need to change for tomorrow.  A vision for our future requires re-thinking how we process the delivery of care to patients. Particular focus on quality over quantity and ensuring our reimbursements are optimized make our system more efficient and cost effective.  Team based care is essential, but the team design has changed.  There is no "i" in team and you can't have winners and losers on the same team, everyone becomes important to function effectively.  The need of practice speciality silos has deminished.  Our healthcare consulting firm will help you transform your perioperative services into a better organized team to maximize quality, patient and staff satisfaction, and profitability in our new healthcare system.

AHEAD Healthcare Consulting, Inc., is established on reliable recommendations and quality of work, with respect and trust for our clients.  Integrity, honesty, and transparency are key ingredients that separate us from our competition.  Our success is built on your success; we want you to be successful!  As a physician leader dedicated to patient centered care, I have a personal interest in our future of healthcare delivery.  Our patients deserve quality and efficiency when they undergo a procedure or surgery at a fair market value.  Importantly, our hospitals and physicians must collect adequately for their services or they can not survive.  Merging these two laudable missions is more difficult than it sounds in today's changing healthcare system.  We want to help healthcare professionals and hospital leaders optimize their institution, realizing resources are limited and patient demands remain high.  We focus our expertise on the entire perioperative process and related services.  We work with academic and private hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and procedural clinics.  We also work with our healthcare industry leaders to help focus their equipment and supply product development toward effective and efficient patient care.  Let us know your needs and we will help you find a solution that meets your institutional goals.  Call for a free initial phone consultation to see if we can be of service to you.