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Perioperative Management Consulting

We help you tweak and redesign your processes and environments to maximize reimbursements and deliver better patient outcomes.

Healthcare reform has created a need to redesign how we manage patients through the operative and procedural environments. Efficient, high-quality, patient-centered care will deliver better outcomes. Reaching those outcomes starts with analyzing what resources you have available and restructuring organizational teams in both operating rooms and non-operating room sites to work cooperatively toward the goal. 

As we shift from quantity to quality care for maximum reimbursements, a concurrent shift in management is needed. AHEAD Healthcare Consulting can guide you through this shift and help you move healthcare forward. 

Perioperative Surgical Home Consulting

We help you optimize patient education and interaction to limit readmission and improve the efficiency and quality of care. 

The Perioperative Surgical Home concept is a system of care to coordinate and standardize how surgical patients are treated. Implementation of effective perioperative clinics, procedure-based standardized care pathways, and implementing best practices for managing patient comorbidities are proven methods to improve patient experience, reduce length of stay and readmissions, and improve operational costs.

These well researched and proven methods of surgical care, such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, are being implemented nation-wide with excellent results. Our consultants have actually implemented these programs in large institutions, have the requisite expertise to help you get started, and can educate your staff for success.

Strategy Rollout and Team Training

We implement strategic changes, educate your operative team, and integrate the environment into an effective, productive, quality system.

If everyone on the team is not striving in the same direction, it is difficult to reach your goal. Something that sets AHEAD Healthcare Consulting apart from other consulting groups is that we stay present and active after developing your strategy, to coach team members and guide the transition. This is especially critical now that there has been a paradigm shift in the operative team. 

The silo mentality of surgery, anesthesiology, and nursing teams no longer works, and will hinder  your ability to produce high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective care. We work with your staff to integrate, educate, and empower a more productive team.

We help you understand and prepare for these major transformations in medicine so that you can comply without losing income. 

We are already in the midst of a major transformation in healthcare. Part of that transformation is what we call the "3Ms": the Medicare Access and CHIP Re-Authorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or the Alternative Payment Model (APM), and the Quality Measure Development Plan (MDP). 

Beyond learning the CMS definitions, how will you transform your institution into an effective operation within these new parameters? We can help you develop a plan for meeting these goals in your OR or procedure areas while collecting the income that you need. 

CMS and 3M Preparation

We help you break down and understand trends in your perioperative services data so that you can make the best decisions for compliance and growth.

Perioperative data for services is often available. However, understanding the trends in that data and determining what is applicable to key decision making can be difficult. We help you leverage your data to gain important insights and make the best decisions for your future. Our experience in patient throughput analysis will save you time and money in addition to keeping you compliant and enabling growth.

Patient Throughput Analysis

We help you find the staff you need for the short-term and optimize your manpower distribution to minimize costs and shortages long-term.

We provide the manpower needed to achieve your goals through our partnerships with trusted staffing agencies. Do not delay or cancel surgeries or procedures due to staffing shortages. Our resources can help you find the perfect nurse, CRNA/AA, or anesthesiologist so that you can keep things moving as scheduled.

AHEAD Healthcare Consulting can also analyze and optimize your manpower distribution to minimize costs, even when temporary workers are needed. 

Perioperative Staffing

We help you collect revenue efficiently and effectively while maintaining compliance. 

Don't leave money on the table, and secure a clean audit. We have trusted partnerships with billing and collection agencies with proven track records for quality. Partner with AHEAD Healthcare Consulting for revenue management and stop worrying about lost income and compliance.

Billing, Collections, and Compliance

We provide qualified, independent, board-certified physician reviewers to augment your quality reporting. 

Do you have a small staff or need an independent peer review for quality reporting? We can assist you with qualified and board-certified physician reviewers to improve your quality reporting and help you ensure optimal patient care. 

Independent Peer Quality Review

We develop tailored and hybrid solutions to best address your unique needs, goals, and timelines. 

Moving healthcare forward is a complex undertaking. We can meet with you to determine your unique needs, goals, and timelines, then tailor a service solution that will make the most effective use of AHEAD Healthcare Consulting's team of expert advisors and trusted partners.

Custom Solutions


We offer free, no-obligation initial phone consultations to see how we can best be of service to you.