How We're Different

We intentionally designed this company to be in stark contrast to other healthcare consulting firms. Most larger firms do business in the same way: first, a Principal senior advisor sells you the consulting package, then the bulk of your contract's work is handed off to a junior MBA. These MBAs often have not worked in a medical environment and usually do not have a medical degree.

Much of the solutions provided by these firms is formula-driven. This programmatic work may seem helpful at first in organizing your data, but it usually does not provide any insight into your culture or how to create meaningful change. Because of that, these types of firms typically produce reports that get brief administrative review, but inspire no significant changes. There is no way to implement real improvement without understanding the culture in  your OR. These types of contracts are a waste of money and time.

So, how exactly are we different?

We are a virtual company. 

This means we have no brick and mortar expenses and no large staff to support. What we have is a carefully curated network of highly skilled physicians and medical associates across the US that are called upon only when needed to utilize their specific expertise.

When you partner with AHEAD Healthcare Consulting, we assess your unique needs, then assemble the right team for you. This not only saves you money (you only pay for the experts you actually need), but also allows us to be more efficient, focused, and deliberate in the steps we take to help you achieve your goals. We gain agility by staying small with tremendous ability to quickly flex upward.


We are physicians ourselves.

We actually practice medicine and are proven leaders in perioperative services. Our extensive, hands-on, qualified experience gives us critical insight into the nuances of the OR and provides the foundation for understanding how our healthcare system works today  and how we need to change for tomorrow. 

As physician leaders dedicated to patient-centered care, we have a personal interest in the future of healthcare delivery. We want to help healthcare professionals and hospital leaders optimize their institution, realizing that resources are limited and patient demands remain high.


We are with you the whole way.

You start and end your contract with the senior experts - we do not hand off your work to junior staff members or non-medical personnel. This allows us to see the big picture and draw stronger connections between the data we obtain and the processes, team dynamics, and environments that data represents.

We believe that if you do not understand where the numbers originated or why, you cannot effectively guide the steps needed to change those numbers. 

We offer free, no-obligation initial phone consultations to see how we can best be of service to you.