What We Do

AHEAD Healthcare Consulting provides analysis, advice, and support services to help healthcare institutions enhance patient care and increase profitability by improving their perioperative processes, teams, and environments. 


We help clients who:

  • Are struggling to keep up with the new CMS changes. 
  • Believe they are paying too much for services, including billing, collections, staffing, compliance, and peer review.
  • Are experiencing slow or stagnant growth trends. 
  • Are experiencing negative feedback or dissatisfaction from patients or staff.
  • Are experiencing high rates of readmission.
  • Are not sure they are effectively analyzing or acting on trends in their perioperative services data.
  • Are not confident in their game plan for how they will transform to collect the income they need while effectively complying with the major changes taking place in healthcare. 
  • Need an efficient, hands-on partner who will immerse themselves to fully understand your OR culture and stay present to guide you through the implementation of changes and strategies.